wk 3 – llama, syrah & altitude

And so to photos of the tour from Salta to Cachi, a spectacular drive, and you may have already noticed on facebook, the lesser known cacti wombat (a sub species of the Australian tree wombat), that was all part of this tour, the landscape changed constantly and quickly making it fascinating.


We had an excellent lunch of empanadas and goat at an organic farm on the way into Cachi, just after driving through the ‘dried chilli’ village (see photo), and even stopped to cross a stream to get to a tiny school with only 8 students, all of whom walk about 2 hours each way out of the mountains to get there every day, one of the little ones was amusingly named ‘floppi’…showing them Melbourne on the globe was fun!!

Then back to Salta where we upgraded slightly to a vino boutique hotel (well it is us…) and managed the double by staying in ‘syrah’ night one and ‘pinot gris’ when we came back from Cafayate…we also had our first llama meat in a funky restaurant (see cows head photo) and it tasted a lot like venison…quite tasty and no fat so maybe even a bit kangaroo-like…?

Salta was a good base to explore the amazing landscapes and had a few architectural gems itself…

And so endeth the terza post, seems fitting language given the setting of the final photograph, coming soon, thousand upon thousands of photos of Iguazu (I guess I’ll need to edit somewhat!!!)…hasta luego!



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