wk 4 – famous falls, butterflies & rainbows

I devote this week to Iguazu, even though it was really only 4 days, 3 nights, due to it being rather wondrous, and completely unforgetable…so to start view from room night one (puerto Iguazu), the final hostel, that formed part of the campaign to save the pesos, to afford the view nights 2 and 3…

Highlights were

  1. the amazing luxury of staying in the park itself, on the Argentinian side there is only one place you can do this, and being in the midst of the national park was magical (and worth smelly drains, no light, odd mattresses for the week before…)
  2. being there for the full moon and going on the guided walk to the falls just before midnight, the sky was actually almost blue as the moon was so full, and we walked back alone through the jungle road to the hotel, most brave I thought and spookily quiet…
  3. shocking weather day 1 and sun days 2/3 so the rainbows on the water were extra special…
  4. the butterflies (special page under “about/fauna”…although have repeated my absolute favourite shot below)…

                        FULL MOON WALK MIDNIGHT FALLS

 Leaving was evidently tough, but heading to Buenos Aires for a month exciting in its own way…just under a week in, we have already explored a bit of design, art, a fairly deserted and aptly haunting Recoleta cemetery in the rain (…and failed to find Evita, the most famous resident, as we know we will go back it didn’t really seem to matter), an amusing tango (music only) show ala family von trapp, mucho steak, vino malbec, spanish lessons and a bit of shopping, so far so fab…more in the next post…from Palermo Soho, hasta pronto!



One thought on “wk 4 – famous falls, butterflies & rainbows

  1. Ahhh Iguazu…. What an amazing view from your hotel room! Loving the night photos – they’re like those completely black postcards you can buy e.g. ‘New York by Night’. Bet it was amazing!! x

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