What era wombat?

18th century Bourbon king of Naples Casertian wombato 500 BC greek paestum poseidonia wombatcrates 79 AD Herculaneum Wobatus vacanzus beachus 79 AD Pompeian wombatus augustavian in situ villium 18th century Sorrento Boswellian wombat ‘what what’ grand tour 100 AD Capri wombatus traitorous fellus dictum Tiberius 19th century wombatuli wombatula summit vesuvius

Argentinian wombat escapes to Uruguay…

Signing off as have just lost the first four paragraphs I wrote…so need to recover…will come back and re-edit tomorrow…think it’s a bit like when Loc loses his mega spreadsheets…and mood probably similar!!! OK a little calmer, so will aim to edit back to the orginal…we had always intended to visit Uruguay (and Paraguay althoughContinue reading “Argentinian wombat escapes to Uruguay…”