Argentinian wombat escapes to Uruguay…

Signing off as have just lost the first four paragraphs I wrote…so need to recover…will come back and re-edit tomorrow…think it’s a bit like when Loc loses his mega spreadsheets…and mood probably similar!!!

OK a little calmer, so will aim to edit back to the orginal…we had always intended to visit Uruguay (and Paraguay although we ran out of time up saving that for next trip) and ended up deciding on a couple of trips, first one being to Colonia, via ferry and my favourite brand ‘buquebus’, cute due to the pronunciation and also the fact that unlike most other transport brands in Argentina it’s main focus is actually ferries and planes…yet it’s the only one with the word ‘bus’…(next trip happening this week, over to Montevideo by buque again and then we’re planning to drive along the coast for a few days).

We took the cheap option of a huge slow ferry rather than the quick cat, and were rewarded with a liner the size of the love boat, set up for thousands, with about 60 of us on board, hysterical, favourite moments included choosing which of the 100 free 5 seater berths to have a nap on, watching a couple tango to their Iphone music in the dark on the outer top deck on the way home, and finding a small bottle of 18 yr old scotch for about $4 in the duty free shop onboard…

As you can see above wombat attempted a bit of a mutiny on the bounty…think he was quite happy in BA…and we got a great view of the city and pier/park on the way out, planning a trip next weekend from land.

The new Argentinian boots also had a good outing, and managed to survive the cobble stones so they’re up there with the sensible merills now..and I can also now also attest (more about the unbelievably amazing “la bamba” estancia in another post due soon) that riding in the boots worked brilliantly! Colonia had elements of old Macau and a little bit of Cuba…the colonial European influence of course…

Lunch was amazing, fish (yay not steak) and just ‘rico’ delicious…and there were still blossoms out, mid winter, need to work out if we can mix in some of these with the wisteria back in Carlton to have flowers year-round… 


There were quite a few lighthouses, one of which we puffed our way up, the whole village is an isthmus, do love that word, so incredibly quiet, and clearly in need of a few distant lights so the boats from BA don’t continue into the cobblestones…

I’ll finish with firstly a photo of what has to be the best posting for anyone working for HSBC, perhaps I should have followed the economics path afterall… (and yes it is a little bit of a ‘where’s HSBC’ shot) along with a few sunset shots taken whilst drinking a Uruguayan cabernet overlooking the rio de la plata…most chilled until I decided to double check the buque left at 8pm…oops it left at 7pm…still made it though, although only 1,234 seats left for us to choose from!

Week 5 and all things ‘porteno’ to come extremely shortly…hasta presto mis amigos!


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