Packing stuff…review month 1

Soooo….based on my original simple rules, what’s working, what isn’t, and what did I miss…?

First up should have packed a few more books, although the last few weeks have been all about trying to learn and absorb Spanish, so anything and everything written is jumped on, and magazines have been great given the generally basic level of Argentinian cosmo language is about my limit… I’m starting to need a book, luckily there are some amazing bookshops in Buenos Aires, so guess actually I can sort this ‘miss’ out fairly easily tomorrow…

The smallest backpack in the world is perfect, and the decision was spot on, so I continue to recommend travelling small to everyone, and not even necessarily particularly light, if you plan to use Aerolineas Argentinas as they do not weigh your bag, so just nonchalantly swing your 15kg pack onto your shoulder at check in and say ‘no’ when they mention ‘luggage?’ and all will be well…(and yes I know this will get us absolutely nowhere with Easyjet so have surrendered and pre-paid to check in the luggage…not worth losing those butter boots…!!!)

The colour code has worked a treat, but need to be sure that mainly it’ll be 24ish degrees or below for the wardrobe I’ve taken to work, luckily it has been, will need to swap things out for SE Asia…and I admit I’ve added tight jeans and knee length black leather boots (it’s the uniform in BA, cue rolling eyes from L…) and goodness the cows are soft, the leather is like butter (sorry Marigold…)  It also helps knowing I can carry them for 3 wks, then will be based with parents in Rome, and can leave them until I return next Easter and bring them back to AUS…perfect.

Things I haven’t used so far but might in the next few months:

  • clothes line (always enough space to hang things without…)
  • mini portable speaker (was always a marginal, think I’ll leave in Rome..)
  • mobile phone due to cunningly leaving charger in Melbourne…

Things that have been ace:

  • light as a feather thongs/flip flops for the non aussies (although thongs have also been a good light packing tip!!) as until the butter boots I only had one pair of shoes…
  • sarong and pasminaminaminathingy…
  • black light waterproof with unzippable armpits (yes Loc thinks this is most amusing, I hate being hot, so it’s great in my view, think it’s some yachting idea so that you can keep cool whilst being sprayed by the sea)
  • this computer…will never leave home without netbook again…everywhere has free wi-fi with the exception of ‘hostel sheraton’ so basically everywhere we’ll be staying, sooooo worthwhile to research, keep in touch, download the millions of photos…
  • mini Muji lilo and tankini…only used once to float in a pool so far, but worth carrying, and will get use over and over when it gets hot in SE Asia later on in the year…


Things I wish I had..

  • Puskas
  • my usual MAC face powder stuff, although have to admit being outdoors lots don’t really need it as much, bought an all in one cheapo and it makes me look like a ghost…!
  • Puskas
  • unlimited access to lots of books (ok Alex I think you may win on the maybe I should have taken an e-reader…)
  • I was going to say a bracelet, I deliberately did not bring any jewelry, and finally at the design fair today I found something I liked, so all good in the world of adornment…
  • the ability to stay up until 7am like most of the locals here…!
  • a better grasp of Spanish…hence heading for lessons this week…

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One thought on “Packing stuff…review month 1

  1. I didn’t even get to the bottom and I was saying to myself – should have bought that e-reader. hehe

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