What era wombat?

18th century Bourbon king of Naples Casertian wombato 500 BC greek paestum poseidonia wombatcrates 79 AD Herculaneum Wobatus vacanzus beachus 79 AD Pompeian wombatus augustavian in situ villium 18th century Sorrento Boswellian wombat ‘what what’ grand tour 100 AD Capri wombatus traitorous fellus dictum Tiberius 19th century wombatuli wombatula summit vesuvius

Seven swans a swimming…

Let me start by explaining how idyllic August on the lake at Trevignano really is, with little more than deciding what time the morning and afternoon swim should be, an average temperature of low 30s, a flat mirrored lake with visibility of a few metres, a slight afternoon breeze bringing up tiny waves and bringing outContinue reading “Seven swans a swimming…”

Latino Europe for a change…!

Madrid, Portugal, follies, family, fun… A Portugese folly with an aussiepom rabble of little brother, Loc and Nicki… Does my hair look big in this??? Loc competes with wombat for ‘where is’ status… Cascais…Portugal up there in my fav countries list…one small detail lacking, utterly freezing sea, did wonder why nobody was in past the knees!!!