A taste of street soul in Hoi An

A highlight of our eating experiences on the world tour so far, is without a doubt Neville’s tour of foodie Hoi An. In five hours, plus a few more at the end over some 20 cent beers (and no I haven’t missed off a zero), it was not only the flavours and sensations that grabbed me, emotionally theContinue reading “A taste of street soul in Hoi An”

The great book ‘swap’

You all know I’m an avid reader. New, borrowed, second hand, electronic, just as long as I have a few on the go I’m happy. This post is about the repeatable, serendipidous moment when you discover the latest book swap bookcase in a guest house, cafe or beach bar and slowly flick your eyes along the spines, dig behindContinue reading “The great book ‘swap’”

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