Highest wine growing region in the world…Cafayate, Argentina

This is a ‘semi’ post as I don’t want to forget what was an amazing few days in Cafayate (and some rather interesting architectural interpretations of ‘localisation’…I dedicate the photo below to the entire current and ex Borders team as an example of perhaps taking it a little too far??): and will write in depth aboutContinue reading “Highest wine growing region in the world…Cafayate, Argentina”

The back packing route 2003/4

From memory, and I’ll need to check the details, this is roughly the trip we took back 8 years ago when backpacking. Will be taking Dunc’s idea from the pub last night (where many ace ideas start) and comparing the two journeys, as and when it makes sense: Chile Argentina Peru Bolivia Jamaica Cuba U.S.AContinue reading “The back packing route 2003/4”