wk 51 – famiglia, trevigna & the perfect wedding

What a ‘perfick’ way to finish the trip around the world…with the wedding of my little brother Conrad to my now sister-in-law; the gorgeous Nicki…

I’ve posted loads and loads of photos onto facebook:


And I will repeat a few favourites below…suffice to say it was an incredible day, the sun came out at all the right moments; for the ‘reservoir dogs’ walk of the groom, best men and ushers to the ceremony along the lake, the arrival of Nicki at the commune, the all important balcony wave, and the sunset overlooking the lake at the Collina reception.

All the guests had a ball, the speeches were funny, from the heart, and the party started a few days before and continued on a few days after…amazing, as are Conrad and Nicki, so a gorgeous reflection and celebration of them both.

It was wonderful to catch up with family too, and I really enjoyed spending time with my cousins, the only one I missed was back in the UK and is now a new mum with a gorgeous brand new little baby called Chiara, it’s been an eventful weekend for the family!

It is always difficult leaving my parents and other home in Trevignano, this time was no different, and it will be a while before we can meet up again, wish Australia was just a tad closer. I am lucky to have left with memories of fantastic moments, occasions, laughter, and of course being the family we are, lots of delicious food and vino to wash it all down.

And so once again, I made it through Fiumicino airport, pretending I had something in my eye, wearing my black sunglasses (stylish Italian Feragamo ones of course), this time on my way back to my other home, family, friends and the best cat (s) in the world…(even my new sister-in-law quite likes him…see below!).


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