wk 50 – gardens, spring & Italia home

I promised a few more cultural photos of Manila to supplement the “how many hours can you spend in a shopping centre” experience pre-Boracay, so here they are.

The views from above are taken from the roof-top bar in the hotel we stayed in within the old walls, and the rest from our morning walk, definitely worth a visit.

And so to something completely unrelated; I am a self-confessed wisteria nut.

It’s something to do with the fact that the trellis visibly grows in front of you, it’s the one planting that worked in our little courtyard in Carlton, hoping it hasn’t completely taken over the house when we return, it wraps itself around anything, it can last many decades, and the senesis variety has some of the most spectacular blossoms, for only a short time frame.

I think I see a parellel here to my love of cherry blossom.

Anyway luckily it’s the peak wisteria season in Rome; we’re back for my brother’s wedding this weekend, and the blooms are out in my parents garden (first shot below), I even found a white variation around the lake today.

And so to the important stuff, the last minute countdown is on to the wedding of the century, move over Kate & Will, my ‘little’ brother Conrad and fantabulouso fiance Nicki, are getting married and partying to the max this Saturday (OMG that’s tomorrow!!!).

The blog to come will of course be completely dedicated to fashion on the commune carpet, the most spectacular evening dance moves, how to squeeze 100 guests into a minibus, and paparazzi shots of friends, family and floppi (much loved, rather large local Trevignano pup)…who knows perhaps wombat will even make a guest appearance?

I leave you with photos of one of my most fav places in the entire world, the end of the pier, la vela, Trevignano…


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