wk 48 – Boracay, birthday & beach

Anywhere in the world was the offer, and as it was Loc, he wanted a beach, clear water, and a least a few fish around, so we went for one that was consistently rated in the top 10 as a bit of a guide, and it truly was beautiful:

Conveniently Loc’s b-day fell on Easter weekend; it felt at times like the whole of Manila had popped over for a quick swim, with a tinge of schoolies’ week in the day time discos…can you believe they are still promoting and giving out free cigarettes & alcohol…there’s a song in that somewhere…?

Anyway back to the birthday, I’d organised two boat trips, one on a bamboo handmade catamaran (photo above) with oysters and an esky of beer, and another on a little speed boat with snorkels, prawns and more beer…amazing day according to Loc, phew!! Underwater world plus link to more fishes below:


We alternated between hilltop places with views and staying right on the beach, overall liked two seasons the best after looking at most spots…right in front of an amazing stretch of sand and sea, incredibly friendly, great rooms and if you have a spare 30,000 pesos a private suite with infinity pool overlooking ocean (no we didn’t flashpack that much!!)…

OK so there are lots of photos of the water, just trying to show how incredible the place was, it was like a gigantic turquoise swimming pool, stretching all around, stunning.

And so until the next instalment of a slightly more cultural visit to Manila, I leave you with A wombat with a view…


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