wk 40 – 4 continents, 14 countries & 40 wombatours travel tips!

Well the really big 40 is to come in April for Loc, but I think this is a good moment to have a look back at 40 things I’ve learnt tend to enhance the relatively budget travels, with a bit of a bias towards the art of travel itself, and given I’m currently learning little, relaxed for a fair few days on a beach, I think you’ll find it a better read than more waxing about seaside sunsets…and so in no particular order:

WOMBATOURS top 40 travel tips

  1. Occasionally give up the independence and do the odd day tour, they can be awesome
  2. Book the best room in the worst place
  3. Book the worst room in the best place
  4. Always stay for at least 2 nights
  5. Ask if there’s a fridge in the room
  6. Fill said fridge with your own booze
  7. Sometimes it’s not always about how you get there, the occasional flight is allowed
  8. Eat like a local, they tend to know what they’re doing
  9. Pack light, lighter, lightest, until you are hand luggage ONLY (one more t-shirt vs saving hours of hassle, soooo worth giving up the t-shirt)
  10. Bring mini toiletries, almost anything can be bought en route
  11. Send stuff you buy home
  12. Swap books as you go
  13. Bring a wi-fi device, keeping in touch is so much easier now, everywhere is connected
  14. Get your laundry done just outside the hotel, this can save you heaps
  15. Don’t give up, it might take 6 safaris; to see a tiger and leopard in the wild, priceless
  16. Use tripadvisor, more times than not it does work, if there are 50 plus reviews
  17. Walk, lots, it’s the best way to see
  18. Bring your camera everywhere, or you’ll miss an amazing moment
  19. Hope occasionally the battery runs out, or you’ll miss experiencing rather than photographing some of those moments!
  20. Doing nothing every now and then is nothing to feel guilty about
  21. Chilling a bit every day makes the trip relaxing, no need to charge around all the time
  22. Planning in moderation for limited time in specific places is important
  23. Go with the flow, it can lead to fantabulous fun
  24. Be open on trips and tours, you meet some amazing people, randomly sometimes from Melbourne!
  25. Ear plugs and face masks are truly handy
  26. Sarongs and scarves make a wardrobe
  27. Buy accessories as you go
  28. Use the internet as a major resource for A to B
  29. Use the locals as a major resource for being in A or B
  30. If you’re planning to stay somewhere for a week out of obvious peak times, book one night then research on foot, often room and price are significantly better this way
  31. Use all the social media you have to catch up with friends in far flung destinations, experience of local and someone you know is a heady mix
  32. Splurge every now and then, on a room, a tour, a bike hire, a meal, a coffee, a view, a flight, this is supposed to be fun remember?!
  33. Buy a padlock and just lock valuable stuff in your backpack, all the time, yes it’s a little over the top, but touch wood in almost 2 years of solid travel I’ve not lost a thing.
  34. Don’t always feel you have to ‘see’ everything, choose things that intrigue you; don’t feel guilty if you miss something, having a coffee watching mad mopeds instead is part of it.
  35. Change your plans, all the time, talk to others, read guidebooks, & don’t have too fixed an idea of what or where, your mood may want beach not city, if it does go with it!!
  36. Keep some sort of diary, from minimal to full blog, a few snaps to photographing your way, it’s fun, keeps you thinking a little, and is amazing to re-read/live later.
  37. Know your limits and things that stress you and do something about them; I don’t like landing in new places with non regulated airport transport, so I often book one night somewhere including a pick up in advance, does it cost more? Of course! Is is worth it? To me yes; it mean no stress on the trip there and an immediate start in the city I’ve come to see (and on the accomo front see tip number 30)
  38. Do homework on visas, but if it takes longer and you end up with a fabulous week in sunny Cornwall instead of Mumbai, lap it up!
  39. Learn to be fine with hard matresses and one pillow…and a $5 silk sleeping liner
  40. Keep your mind alert, read, write, take photos, keep in touch, meet new people, take things in, think, enjoy and never take for granted how lucky you are to be travelling…

One thought on “wk 40 – 4 continents, 14 countries & 40 wombatours travel tips!

  1. “never take for granted how lucky you are to be travelling”
    All of your tips are great, however, this comment would have to be the wisest you mentioned. For most of the many thousands of years of human history, very few people traveled outside of their village or immediate environment. It is only in the last few decades that international travel has become so easy, and even now, many people cannot afford to travel. We are indeed a lucky generation living in a lucky country.

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