wk 36 – dumplings, piglets & michelin 3*

Hong Kong is foodie heaven; every dumpling imaginable, worshipped noodle shops, perfectly barbequed pork, hot pot, congee; before even considering every other global cuisine that is done brilliantly…

And so to the starter…probably the biggest shiu mai dumpling in the world?

Followed closely by some of the best suckling and bbq pork in HK, 100m from us, apparently Bourdain visited, with stunningly apt interior decor, our table was just in front of the char siu hanger, oh and an entire plate of pork and rice is under $5.

Entree was birthday dim sum, with trolleys and friends at the old HK favourite city hall, the place is decidedly poshed up since my last visit, they’ve added silver chopsticks and even polished the chandeliers.

Another tradition is the ‘set’, afternoon, lunch any type of set deal, we did go posh on both occasions, mandarin oriental, check out their giant strawberry cake, and whilst we’re on the topic the giant LV cupcake:

Robuchon high tea was heaps better…I first had cake here with Alex a few years back and it’s just as yummy.

We’ve also been eyeing up atelier upstairs for years, so we bravely checked out the other menus and discovered that there was a set lunch, for under $50, and that they had just been awarded their 3rd michelin star…http://www.robuchon.hk/rweb/index.html

How many times in your life can you eat a 3 michelin star meal for under $50…exactly…so we did…OH WOW!

Amuse bouche floated in the mouth:

Entrees succulent crab and crispy pork:

Mains followed with a mash of perfection, no idea how much butter, enough to make me close my eyes when eating, and a lobster bisque and wagyu:

To finish a wintery chestnut puree and icecream plus banana pudding both with gold leaf…lucky for the CNY

The meal finished with macaroons that would make masterchef proud, and so to the final photo of one of the amazing foodie streets in central, and a rather apt sign after all that eating don’t you think?!


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