wk 33 – NYE, Ra-one & beach

Let’s just say that the highlight of New Year’s Eve was the leopard spotting (well how could it not be!) and the rest of the evening was not as I’d imagined, then again I never really think NYE lives up to the hype, so it was not a suprise to me at all…main thing was being sprung with a crazily priced ‘supplement’ for an average dinner buffet and some traditional dancing…and get this…NO booze included…AHHHRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! So I had to toast in the new year with yet another shandy…oh well, the pool was ace…this is taken underwater looking straight up!

The traditional dancing was intriguing, but went on a bit, and to be honest would have swapped the 10th dance for a good prosecco, think wombat did, shame the cork was just a memory of Christmas Eve:

loved the sign, mantra for 2012 perhaps?

On 1st Jan we took our life into our hands again, held our breath, and were driven to Tangalle, by a driver from Nuwara Eliya we had nicknamed ‘Ra-one’ after the devilish anti-hero in the latest Bollywood blockbuster…we arrived unscathed. We are probably the last to have discovered the fame of this particular actor, and I have a soft spot for him, as I’m sure do millions of others, I will add a slightly more bizzarre reason though, I am convinced he is the lost brother of Adriano Celentano…photos and link to ‘criminal’, my favourite bollywood hit of the moment below, with such lyrics as ‘it’s criminal how your booty goes bop bop bop’; gold:


Adriano Celentano I miei Americani 

A few nights in Tangalle were a welcome return to the beach, we found a seafront cafe shack with great calamari, cold beer for the chico, and a 3 step approach to the waves, ended up spending three days in a row chilling there.

The place we were staying had a genius seat in the pool where I enjoyed finally reading Eragon…watch out for my soon to appear ‘great book swap’ post, I’m trying to keep a record of the many tomes I’m escaping into as we swap our books along the way, for free, no margin, but a smile helps.

We also met a lovely French couple with a little girl, who we then went whale-watching with in Mirissa, randomly his birthday is the exact same day as mine…next blog devoted to Marissa in Mirissa and Raja & the whales…


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