wk 30 – thirty weeks, flashpacking & merry christmas

Wow it’s been 30 flashpackling weeks since we set off for the intrepid first leg; Melbourne to Sydney…

And it’s been 30 hours since I started putting together this blog, you would not believe how slow it can be uploading photos…on the plus side I’m overlooking five huge bay windows with a view of the Indian ocean from Unawatuna beach in Sri Lanka, good broadband isn’t a necessity really!!

And it’s been 8 years since I scribbled the following when we were here for Christmas 2003, inspiration for the rest of the blog:

so time for a festive trip summary so far…

rather than a run-down of being rather ill during 5 days up in the hill staions of Oooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri…(yes about time some more germs crept into the chilled existence of the flashpacker, Bangalore bum was the first…bronchitis so much more colonially civilised, much more suited to our hill station, tea plantation jaunt…and yes there was even a hot toddie in a Taj moment…)

so without more ado, you know the tune…merry Christmas one and all:

30 blogs a’ written

29 kittens adopted

28 Argentinian malbecs

27 golden sunsets

26 majestic elephants

25 village fiestas

24 family dinners

23 stunning vistas

22 foreign cashpoints

21 underwater snorkels

20 local markets

19 dodgy mattresses

18 different beer brands

17 friend reunions

16 white beaches

15 mystical temples

14 sacred churches

13 scribbled maps

12 bike rides

11 tuk tuk callers

10 tango dances

9 playful monkeys

8 twisting rivers

7 Galapagos sea lions

6 Unesco sites

5 backwards shots

4 overnight trains

3 wombat poses

2 family gatherings

and a big cat on a jungle safari!


2 thoughts on “wk 30 – thirty weeks, flashpacking & merry christmas

  1. Just delightful!
    What fantastic memories and you’re only half way round!!
    Enjoy your turkey marsala and mince pie samosas although
    they might clash with the Moet.

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