wk 26 – bamboo, prom & crab xec xec

I found exactly the spot. I thought it was pure imagination on my part, escapism from the beach-cramped backpacker scene. I admit getting fed up requests to give me henna tattoos, dolphin rides and hash, clearly getting a little old, the only thing that vaguely tempted me, was one of those silly hair thread things, then I remembered I’d need to go to interviews in a few months and a piece of cut off hair braid would probably not cut it…?

I couldn’t have imagined where we are now any better (ok maybe minus the dying rat in the shower…we are surrounded by jungle though, and the owner did mention it when we checked in, and apart from the dying bit it was more like a cute mouse, reminded me of that Fawlty Towers episode…)

Anyway back to the blissful bamboo huts, set on the edge of a promontory, there’s always something about proms or an isthmus, as far South as you can go on Cavolossim beach, know for it’s huge sprawling five star resorts, and matching bills…unless you wander just another 10 minutes along the beach past the Leela Kempinski and discover Bamboohuts. Everything has been made from bamboo by village artisans, chairs, beds, the entire hut, bins, coat hangers, it’s just gorgeous…when the sun starts streaming in it’s like stars around the room; little pieces of light shining through the woven bamboo, magical…

Amazingly the beach is pure white and squeaky, another match to my other most favourite of proms; Wilson, and the sea is clear, warm and tidal. A beach shack restaurant is perched on the edge of the beach and we are miles from the next sunbathers, and we’ve found a kitchen who makes a mean fish Xec Xec and understands our request for spice and chilli, yay!!

Plus miracle of miracles I have not been asked if I’d like one single thing for the last 24 hours…marvellous, oh and the surf life savers are even in a bamboo hut down here, they get relieved of duty every now and then by the jet ski coming in from the resort, bit chilled down here, Loc thinks they are checking up on them to make sure they don’t drift off to sleep!! The boats head out to fish from the estuary on the left of us, and meander back at sunset.
Add to this a colony of hawks on the stretch of beach to our right:

two pet kingfishers, blue and yellow, marker pen coloured dragonflies, transparently camouflaged crabs:

and thousands of little baby hermit crabs at low tide, and you have one of the most tranquil spots I’ve found on my travels so far, I’m smitten…and I think if we added a tiger Loc would stay for a few weeks!

Our first experience this time of trains was as good as the last, and we managed to get off waitlist and onto a train in about 24 hours, loved the ‘truck train’ sitting at Hubli station when we arrived, saves having to load/unload containers at each end!

Wi-fi is hard to come by so the blogs will be a little shorter for the next few weeks, basing ourselves in Hampi, and stumbled upon world heritage week so entrance free the whole time, stunning ruins, boulder and palm landscape, hot thalis, cheeky monkeys, chilled atmosphere, perfecto…oh except for the ‘dry zone’ thing, although couldn’t get a decent wine to save myself for last two weeks anyway so not too bad really!!!

A taster below, many more photos in next haunting hampi blog…


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