wk 22 – logs, colloseo & casina

Summer is finally coming to an end, it’s starting to get chilly, so time for a new continent soon…back in Trevignano the tomatoes are drying, logs stacked, fire lit, outside tables almost packed away, cignets turning into swans, Crocodile dundee’s puppies are grown up, and the Sunday crowds, sans bikini, con scarves are back..

Definite, resisted, need, to get out of the shorts and thongs I’ve been wearing since June, into long sleeves, trousers and those things called shoes…I even wore my BA boots to Rome yesterday, they are now covered in ancient dust from the forum, probably an emperor or god’s dust on there somewhere, one and the same I’m told, or they told the people at least…

after guided family tour of the forum and colloseo, had lunch in fab malaysian restaurant in between one of the international schools and the UN HQ of FAO, clever positioning if you ask me…swordfish with tamarind yum…segue into the 5 months of curries coming up.

also only one tube stop from the old Roman ‘stadio’, and one day before the protests so timed to perfection, enjoyed the museum, love the thought of wine tokens to tamper drunkeness, whilst slaves are being ripped to shreds below, by animals suddenly appearing on pulleys, and ladies threading their hair while musicians compose…

Trevignano lake remains stunning, mirror, sunset, fishermen, and an advert for my mum’s bike…?!

Caught a small mostra of funghi in Bracciano, edible, poisonous, deadly and with no purpose (all directly translated, I kid you not) quite impressive and all knocked back with a local red, mushroom toasts we’re hoping were in the ‘edible’ section, and a stunning blue sky.

Loc and I tried to send some Aussie barracking over to NZ with a traditional pie and flag pastry at a dinner party, were so lucky that sky sport was free this weekend, so watched both semis, secretly happy for the Kiwis, winning on your own turf is always the best way…wish the Welsh had made it though.

What better way to spend our last day than on the lake in the casina bianca eating…

It’s been an amazing few months and it’s so exciting that we’ll be back so soon for my little brother’s wedding…thank you as always and sys parentals xxxx

Finally I wanted to leave the continent, Shengan and the euro zone with a well researched, in depth analysis of the euro crisis:


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