wk 14 – amici, ferragosto fireworks & olives

And so the festas continued with the night of stars, San Lorenzo, and a wonderful evening catching up with old friends from St George’s, with a gap of over 10 years or more in some cases, down the coast at Valentina’s place on the sea, including suprising one of my first boyfriends who didn’t know I was in Italy, lots of fun, great evening, combination of Italo-English St Georgian still going strong and the Georgians from my dad proved as popular as ever as you can see in the photos below!

The festa of all festas was still to come, ferragosto, 15th August. The set up for the fireworks in Trevignano takes place on the stretch of beach near the main piazza, and looks quite festive before it’s even lit at midnight!

Every time I am here in August, the dressing of the madonna painting on the ferry gets increasingly modern,  and this year it really was Trevegas, with the lighting on the boat reflected on the mirrored lake, much more impressive than the year with the movable angel wings (don’t ask!!) 

We did something a little different this year and headed down the beach end of the lake with a cooler bag of prosecco and enjoyed the view away from the crowds, it was amazing…and the fireworks spectacular as always…

Next day we heading down to Rome for an afternoon with Becky and bloke, our ex awesome graphic designer from the ex awesome marketing team from Melbourne , we had a lovely time exploring ice-cream places and getting kicked out of fountains (it was crazy hot, see below)…and wombat enjoyed the train journey from Bracciano!!


The next day we headed slightly south down the coast with the parents to stay with Bam and Debbie in Itri, a lovely couple of days including a stop at Roman grottos…

a swim over ruins and a lunch and afternoon in an amazing beach cove…

 great meals, and a few excursions with their lovely trio of dogs…

Loc was quite taken with Bob the dog (you can see why above, what a cutie!!), mainly due to the number of Italian girls who approached him due to said dog when walking him!!!

And of course a trip to Bam & Debbie’s amazing house is never complete without a couple of olive shots, a fig shot, and a turn in Bernie the cinquecento!!!

Fantastic week…and I’m only about a week behind with the blogging now so about up to date! Better finish off here, most excited as heading off to the airport soon to pick up our Melbourne friends Soph and Loz for the start of their Italy hols…yay!!!!!!!!!!!


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