wk 8 – inti raymi, karaoke & wellies

Is it just me or does the llama third from the left look like a kangaroo?!!

We tried to get to Ecuador last trip, but the flights were too complex, so were determined to visit this time, and here we are…a rather slow start with little concrete plans, high altitude in Quito, a few too many vodkas, friendly Ecuadorians and karaoke meant the first few days did not advance the planning.

So after checking out of our hotel in Mariscal, and checking straight back in 10 minutes later, to recover from our ‘altitude’ sickness, we were a little slow on the uptake, and didn’t get anywhere until Tuesday when we flew into Cuenca…bit calmer than Quito, beautiful architecture, and we booked a tour to Caja national park the next day to get some fresh air (!)… and my macro lense received a testing…any guesses as to what the next two photos are??

We were given great bright yellow boots for the walk, so unmissable, and were so happy to be back in the wilds, that the decision to throw the budget overboard and book Galapagos was made at 4,000m, and was one of the best and probably most expensive things we’ve ever done, and worth every single minute…anyway I digress…

We flew back to Quito the next day and booked a Galapagos cruise and jungle trip, then set up in a Quito old town hostel to try to recover the budget an iota…luckily recovery coincided with Inti Raymi and 240 dancers in the main square, amazing, and free (!)

Amazingly we also managed to fit in a quick side trip to Otavalo on the local bus, the largest market in SA, where Loc had Harry Potteresque hog, for breakfast, in a bag, sounds weird, tasted amazing…!

Even wombats were catered for, he clearly thinks he is rather suave in the new Ecuadorian sombrero…


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