wk 2 – bodegas, cacti & mummies

Absolutely amazing week, from vineyards and ‘bodegas’ in Mendoza, to mountains, cacti forests (sure there must be a better collective noun, so before I check, I suggest a ‘prickle’ of cacti) and oh what a surprise more wineries…this time more torrontes than malbec.

We stayed for 3 days in a beautiful B&B called casa glebinias, in Chacras de Coria (minutes from wineries) just outside of Mendoza, with a stunning garden and pool, wonderful hosts, and a cat called Dalma (one of 4) that kindly adopted us for our stay (sorry Puskas, you are still top cat!), we plan to return in summer 2020 to use the pool…the autumn leaves were stunning…

We spent most of the second day at the Familia Zuccardi winery, we met them at the food and wine show in Carlton, and threatened to visit, not sure they thought we’d actually turn up!!! The lunch, including a BBQ ‘parilla’, and setting was gorgeous, wines mainly good to quaff.

Next day we walked to Clos de Chacras in the village, cute winery with interesting 1920s methods, and finished off with a tasting on the lake, where we met an American couple who as it turned out had a booking at the same restaurant as us that evening, so had a lot of fun, if you are reading this S&B get in touch so we can meet up again in BA next month!!

And so to Salta at the foot of the Andes, near to Aconcagua where a National Geographic expedition, discovered completely intact Inca children mummies, buried at over 6,000m in the late nineties, the small boy is in the museum and unbelievably haunting, the entire history is fascinating, child sacrificies, Inca trails all leading to the holy centre in Cusco, and it all ties in so interestingly with our last trip to Bolivia and Macchu Picchu…anyway I digress…more in a few days, off to Cafayate tomorrow not sure for how long, actually in the mountains. I aim to get Loc on a horse, he’s scared of them apparently, but he’s with me, and given my teeth I reckon he’ll be fine… we fly to Iguazu at the weekend…finally to finish the first of many  photos of the stunning tour to Cachi we took yesterday with a driver, bi-lingual guide and only 2 other couples from Buenos Aires, low season has it’s advantages…



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