5 wks before flashpacking

So this week, I have to admit, I became a little packing obsessed…best to start with a photo saying a thousand words and all of that, and of course the cat needed to have a starring role again.

I do think he’s getting his point across, even though I don’t think, given he’s the largest cat in the world (big for his paws), that he’ll fit in my new 40l backpack:

I am coming too








So much to the amusement of my parents, staying with us at the moment, who travel so light we couldn’t fit them and the cases into the mini cooper on the way back from the airport (!), I will be able to fit my entire life into a rather compact bag for the year, with a bit of room for purchases on the way.

It’s pretty easy, rules are:

  • Colour code (as per last post, black/grey only, don’t even think about sneaking in a bit of blue, even if I am celebrating the Carlton win this week…!)
  • If you think you might need just one more…of anything…you don’t, buy it when you get there if you find out you really do…
  • Light, easy dry, layer, did I say light…? Roll, roll, roll, everything malleable and take miniature everything you usually use for toiletries or makeup…
  • Funnily enough most places in the world have socks, soap, shampoo, and quite a few other things so you don’t need a year’s supply!
  • Allow yourself one or two silly items (small), in this case the cat puskas doesn’t make the cut due to size, but the rather cute RSPCA wombat keyring does…
  • Don’t bring huge heavy hiking boots…how often do you wear them in Melbourne / at home…? See?
  • If you are lucky enough to have an amazing team where you used to work, who also happened to give you an adventure shop voucher leaving gift, invest in a really lightweight waterproof jacket, I love mine!
  • Finally get the right backpack, I completely and utterly believe in smallest you can, based on experience last time (and I got it wrong with a 65l standard fairly heavy top loading backpack thing) this was my wishlist:
  • light weight
  • backpack straps that zipped away
  • padded handles
  • completely top opening
  • not too fussy with minimal pockets
  • small and close fitting to back
  • needed to be in black/grey (Loc reckons this was the only criteria!)
  • I did heaps of research and ended up thanks to lots of help from Bogong with a Lowe Alpine carry-on 40l…soon to be tested to the hilt!
  • Photos to follow on next blog….



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