3 wks before flashpacking

Finally Loc has finished work and also on holiday yay!

After a relaxing day on Loc’s birthday we’re back into getting organised mode and seem to be fairly chilled about it so far, as relatively speaking have quite a bit of time to get things done…even if a decision has still not been made about the other half’s colour scheme (such an important decision to make…)

So the big things are sort of on track, tickets are booked, due to being an Aussie and a Pom I don’t need any visas for South America, and Loc only needs one for Paraguay, so that’s good, we’ll sort the rest out once we’re in Europe. I’m sort of relaxed that car/house will just happen.

We only had to have a couple of jabs at travel vax and had interesting doctor who had lived with Amazon tribe for 2 years, probably more exciting than talking about malaria risk with us, luckily all the big jabs we had in 2003 and most last 10 years or more, so that was a bonus even though I do have a headache this morning and apparently that’s a side effect of one of the jabs we did have, methinks much more likely due to Carlton loss and multiple chardys in pub last night, however who can tell?!

Things to sort out this week…packing, bank, utilities, packing, packing, packing….looking forward to break from packing and dinner at Alex’s tonight!

Gratuitous photo of the cutest cat in the world for absolutely no reason below:


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