2 wks before flashpacking

The only thing that makes packing even vaguely interesting, is firstly rediscovering books you want to re-read, flick through and should have read, and secondly, the vast amalgamation of various types of sturdy wine boxes that we’ve accumulated over the last week, and the daily ‘urgent’ requirement to visit Uncle Dan’s!!!

The house interest has really ‘hotted up’ with lots of inspections so hopefully will have a final few to choose from early next week…resigned to odd emails from spammers living on oil rigs about the mini car so will probably go the dealer route (that last phrase sounds incredibly dodge doesn’t it?!!!)

Been looking at the vague plan for first week or so of South America and getting rather insanely excitable…

After the first two nights in Buenos Aires, in a rather funky boutique B&B in San Telmo, that post booking a few weeks back, just happened to be a full page photo feature in an old edition of Vogue Entertaining and Travel I was flicking through in packing break earlier in the week, eliciting a fair amount of eye rolling and amusement from Loc, who I think still is under the impression we are ‘backpacking’ not ‘flashpacking’, and is clearly going to be forcing the budget issue within a week or it will be used up by June…

A few options:

  • Head  East over to Uruguay, check out the off season coastal resorts around punta del este then head North towards Iguazu and Paraguay
  • Head West over to Mendoza, check out the vineyards, pampa and general parrilla grills that can feed armies then Northish towards Iguazu and Paraguay
  • Hard life I know….

Bloke at footie and think final siren just resulted in draw Carlton vs. Essendon, given last I looked Carlton were a point ahead probably cruely snatched from almost victorious blues in last moments…is it just me or are there a disproportionate number of draws this season?

Finally I will leave you with the now traditional photo of said cutest cat in world (just a pre-warning, given the unfortunate fact that cat can’t travel, this is likely to be replaced with a tiny travel wombat when traveling) and also a shot of my well researched and one of the smallest backpacks in the world that I will be attempting to live out of for a year…just as well I’m not really into tiaras and heels…


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