Magical Melbourne

I am still considering how to approach my last ever travel page entry, week 52.

So until I’m ready, here is a post about home and what I missed (in no order whatsoever in case I offend all the wombats out there)…

  • secret bars
  • rooftop bars
  • gum trees
  • family
  • friends
  • cats
  • my stuff
  • my little Carlton house
  • my kitchen
  • sitting on the deck
  • BBQ
  • Uncle Dan’s
  • The weekend Age
  • rosellas & cockatoos
  • laneways
  • food
  • wine
  • coffee
  • Hutong
  • Nova
  • Fitzroy
  • Smith St
  • Gertrude St
  • Rathdowne St
  • Brunswick St
  • Flinders Lane
  • Ponyfish island
  • festivals
  • wineries
  • bush
  • Wilson’s Prom
  • Redhill
  • wombats

What I didn’t, but am forgiving of for now…

  • graffiti of the non artistic kind
  • traffic
  • public transport
  • rain
  • politics
  • the airport
  • taxis
  • prices

As I’m out in the burbs with the in-laws at the moment it took me a few days to venture into town.

A few changes abound, a couple of new pop up places, a Gap in Borders, a Mary in Georges, an expensive thing the public transport system appears to be taking the ‘myki’ out of us with, and stunning bright afternoon light on the skyline from the Yarra; it feels good to be home.

Photos on facebook of Melbourne – one year on:

I’ll be adding more once back in the house & Carlton/Fitzroy next weekend.


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