Strumming, stromatolites and shells

Our second station stay was as unique as the first. A bore hole hot spring provided a natural orange fake tan that was like Trump. Really hard to remove. It was chilli damper night so with BYO chair, plate and drink we listened to outback tunes from Terry Bennetts with this stunning sunset backdrop

The odd photo above is one of the first life forms on the planet. Attenborough explains it better than me, google stromatolites.

The next few days were spent exploring Shark Bay and Monkey Mia. Making the call to visit late morning after the official feeding worked a treat. We had two close encounters almost to ourselves in the shallows. The lazy Pelican was hanging around to steal fish from the shallows.

After a few nights of almost on beach camping, and a visit to the incredible shell beach, our final night in Denham was spent in the house of a preacher man. A huge place hand built, white stucco. AirBNB does deliver all sorts of eccentric stays.

We meandered to a little coffee spot and luckily were able to help the lovely owner with her elderly husband who had just fallen. We called the local doctor, her daughter and got them on the way to the hospital and shut the coffee shop for them. The preacher’s wife told us that he had been the mayor and a big positive influence on Denham and Shark Bay. I hope that the 80th birthday the whole town have planned for him in August is a fitting celebration.
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