quandong, quests and quirks

After a brief stop in Quorn testing a sweet & sour quandong scroll for breakfast we meandered onto the Eyre Peninsula.

An unforgettable stay in Coffin Bay national park allowed us to watch emu chick swimming lessons, a Joey feeding next to me and calm freezing turquoise seas.

The entire campsite, bay and national park was ours the last night. Luckily we had firewood. Waking up to a frozen car and camp chairs explained why. I would do it all again for the silence and sunrise. Oysters for brunch were pretty exceptional too.

A pit stop at Streaky Bay with esky food top-up had us set for the Nullarbor quest.

After lots of map calculations I found two sheep stations and a roadhouse that would get us to WA in 4 days. The desert was experiencing a huge bout of rain and thunderstorms so the tent plan was ditched.

This led to a stay at working sheep station Coorabie Farm. Bantering with the 4th generation owners and extended family around the campfire, warming coals under our chairs and a visit from Ned Kelly made for a merry evening.

The drives were interspersed with views, storms, roadhouses and random big things.

Surprisingly “Nullarbor” which means no trees was greener and more interesting than we expected. Ridges, cliffs, bush and even trees abounded. Photo duly taken of the longest stretch of straight road in the world. Made for fantastic overtaking of 54m long roadtrains.

Sadly the whales were running late into the Great Australian Bight from Antarctica. Luckily we get to drive back again to see them in July.

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