Norseman, Nungarin and New Norcia

After 1,675km of Nullarbor we turned right at Norseman.

Kalgoorlie was intriguing with its super big gold mine pit, Victorian pubs and unexpectedly freezing weather.

Crossing west across empty wheat plains we reached the old Nungarin pub. Most rooms were empty so I chose 11 on the corner of the long old veranda. Found out from locals 11b was haunted. Random dolls and fringed doilies around the place didn’t help. Or having to visit the toilet down the creaky hall in the night. We will be travelling via Esperance on the way home.

Tens of thousands of WA wattle wildflowers in bloom covered empty roads for half an hour as we drove to the coast in stormy weather. Wildflowers are huge up here, and the recent rain brings blooms.

New Norcia is the only monastic town in Australia. Founded by Spanish Benedictine monks who walked there in 1847 from Perth, it is most unexpectedly in the middle of the bush.

Definitely worth a detour for the architecture, history, ale and olive oil.

We were warned about camping on the cliff. The views were most dangerous. The wind luckily was not. Survived to tell another tale.

Our first caravan invite came from chatting to a fascinating couple who passed by the cliff. They had travelled lots and worked for years in the Middle East.

We spent the evening admiring their custom built home on wheels, listening to travel tales and were generously provided vino and called youngsters. Worked for us!

Next stop Kalbarri and the national park gorges and cliffs. Quite stunning even after sunrise. We are slowly starting to get some outdoors colour and work is truly fading.

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